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Science in the City (at home resources)

Science in the City (at home resources)

Science is all around us. In this video series, the Exploratorium travels outside its walls, sharing stories of engineering, ecology, geology, architecture, weather, sound, and more.


Sound Restoration | Science in the City | Exploratorium


Sound Restoration

Experimental physicist Carl Haber restores antique audio recordings too old, fragile, or damaged to be replayed—including recordings made in wax, soot, and foil. Using optical scanning technologies from his work at CERN in Switzerland, Haber has recovered and preserved a diverse collection of deteriorating sonic artifacts—voices from the past that would otherwise have been lost.

Science in the City | TOFU



Curious about tofu? How DO beans become a rubbery chameleon of a protein source, anyway? The folks at Hodo Soy Beanery tell us everything we ever wanted to know about how tofu (and its "sexier” cousin, yuba) is made. Visit Hodo Soy Beanery for more information.

Preserving our Wildfish


Preserving Our Wild Fish

Just a half hour from the San Francisco Bay Area’s urban centers, the Lagunitas Creek watershed is one of the most important waterways left for wild coho salmon, supporting 10 to 20 percent of all Central Coast coho salmon surviving today. Get a glimpse into frontline efforts to restore healthy, self-sustaining populations of California’s native steelhead and salmon across their historic range.

Science in the City: Golden Gate Bridge Dynamics


Golden Gate Bridge Dynamics

Admit it: Hasn't the Godzilla inside you always wanted to grab the Golden Gate Bridge and shake it silly? Finally, you can, as Exploratorium exhibit developer Dave Fleming presents a dynamic model of the Golden Gate Bridge. What happens to the bridge during an earthquake? How about strong winds and heavy traffic? The model dances and wiggles realistically, displaying the same vibrational modes and motions that occur in the actual bridge.

Restoring Sight | Science in the City | Exploratorium


Restoring Sight

Millions of people around the world struggle with corneal blindness—the loss of sight caused by damage to the surface of the eye. It's a treatable condition with a clear solution: a corneal transplant. This Science in the City episode highlights work SightLife is doing to help end corneal blindness by making transplants possible.

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