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Tammy Cook-Endres: Teacher Institute Staff

Tammy Cook-Endres
Teacher, Leadership Program Co-Leader
A smiling woman with blonde hair in an updo wearing a green dress.

Tammy's primary role is to train and support coaches and mentors who work with novice science teachers in their first two years in the classroom and to develop life science content for teachers. A science educator for seventeen years, Tammy has taught elementary and middle school science and has mentored and coached novice science teachers through programs such as Peninsula Bridge, Breakthrough San Francisco, and the Exploratorium’s Teacher Induction Program. She earned her biology degree at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and her master's degree in science education at Teachers College, Columbia University. A National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescent Science, she is passionate about crafting learning opportunities for all students that ignite a love of science. And is she dedicated to finding the best ways to support STEM teachers in creating classrooms that do just that.