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Bechtel Gallery 3: Seeing & Reflections

Gallery 3
Seeing & Reflections
Experiment with light, mirrors, and bubbles.

Our eyes respond to light, but this is just one aspect of how we perceive the world. Playing with light is a great way to learn how it works. And investigating real phenomena can give you a deeper understanding of the scientific process.

Bechtel Gallery 3 is the heart of the Exploratorium, a place designed to spark and nurture visitors’ curiosity and challenge them to investigate natural phenomena for themselves—with tools and gentle guidance to catalyze their explorations. The gallery features many of our favorite classic exhibits, but it also introduces new exhibits and experimental prototypes that reflect our efforts to share current science as it advances.

The primary activity in the gallery is experimentation in the broadest sense. Visitors are encouraged to discover things for themselves through exhibits designed as experiments, with opportunities for experimental variations and controls. Most importantly, visitors have a unique opportunity to learn-by-doing about the scientific process itself, the power of experiment to answer questions, and the roles of knowledge and creativity in discovering connections among diverse phenomena. Immersive and evocative experiences will inspire further explorations.

Thomas Humphrey, Curator
Richard O. Brown, Associate Curator