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Analog Technicolor

colorful yarns hanging down with a man smiling
Analog Technicolor

How many colors can you see in this yarn installation?

Artist HOTTEA creates art from yarn that blurs the lines between everyday objects and abstract color. He used almost every hue in his studio to make this color-field installation. It represents the palette designers like him explore when making art. HOTTEA learned to knit from his grandmother Socorro. This piece was inspired by the energy of her spirit and the concepts of modern color theory. Can you see the individual strands of yarn? What shapes and patterns do they make, all together?

About the Artist

“Your life is like yarn. It isn’t only one thing. It can transform.” —HOTTEA

After years of writing graffiti with spray paint, artist Eric Rieger, aka HOTTEA, found a new voice with nondestructive yarn installations. Celebrating memories, color, and typography, his work has been installed all over the world in public and private spaces.