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cloud-like object with rain-like drops in black room

What shapes do you see in this cloud?

Can you work with someone else to create lightning on the surface of the cloud? The artwork invites you to collaborate with others to animate this electrical cloud, inspired by the huge clouds in the wide-open prairie skies of Alberta (the Canadian province where the artists live). It contains thousands of burned-out lightbulbs, collected from different locations CLOUD has visited. These frosted incandescent bulbs catch the light from energy-efficient LED bulbs inside the cloud. The flickering light moving across and through the cloud is created by visitors playing the role of “puppeteers,” pulling the dangling chains to turn the lights on and off. What do the chains remind you of?

About the Artist

“Making art from city debris is a way to explore the scale of humanity.” —Wayne Garrett

“A lot of our work has to do with light and darkness.” —Caitlind r.c. Brown

Canadian artists Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett use familiar objects in unfamiliar ways to make interactive sculptures. Their work—which explores collaboration, collective action, and how light affects social spaces—uses found materials to speak to the mass of human experience.

CLOUD was originally commissioned for Nuit Blanche Calgary by Alberta University of the Arts and The City of Calgary.