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Jewel-Changi Airport

PWP Landscape Architecture
Jewel-Changi Airport

Innovating ways to bring the outdoors indoors.

The Exploratorium worked with Peter Walker and Partners (PWP) Landscape Architecture to design interactive attractions at Jewel—Singapore Changi Airport’s new, renowned destination, which opened in 2019. The iconic toroidal structure was designed by Moshe Safdie and encompasses a mall, theater, event space, and an indoor garden, complete with a 7 meter diameter waterfall feature. It is within this expansive indoor oasis, Canopy Park, that the Exploratorium joined the team to co-design a series of interactive attractions. 

Jewel visitors are transported to a lush, dazzling setting that blurs the line between inside and out. Its 1.4 million square feet include the sweeping public park space that showcases gardens, walking trails, playgrounds, and restaurants. The interactive installations developed by the Exploratorium include Foggy Bowls and a Canopy Bridge, both of which make visitors feel as though they are walking and playing among the clouds and blend seamlessly into the existing and compelling architecture.

Foggy Bowls and Canopy Bridge opened in 2019.