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A.M. Qattan Foundation

A.M. Qattan Foundation

Building professional capacity and a new Science Studio in Palestine

The A.M. Qattan Foundation partnered with the Exploratorium to launch a hands-on Science Studio in Ramallah and to train its staff in all aspects of exhibit creation—thus providing a rich science-learning resource for Palestinians of all ages.

The Exploratorium hosted two residencies in San Francisco over the course of five months, during which visiting residents worked closely with exhibit developers, program professionals, and educators, to learn and to to advance their own projects. Additionally, our staff made five trips to Ramallah for master planning; workshops in exhibit ideation, rapid prototyping, studio set-up, and shop tool use; and to help open the Science Studio.

This project fostered deep cross-cultural connections and embodied Global Collaborations' goal of supporting high-impact, regionally relevant experiences driven by local expertise and resources.

In June 2018, the foundation inaugurated its new cultural center, including the Science Studio, to wide acclaim and enthusiastic crowds. The Studio's exhibits, developed and mediated by our residents, reflect their success in adapting the experience they gained while at the Exploratorium to the needs of their institution and greater community. Find out more about the A.M. Qattan foundation and the Science Studio, and learn about the hopes and challenges behind the cultural center.