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Pi (π) Day returns on 3/14 with double the fun

Pi (π) Day returns on 3/14 with double the fun

Exploratorium celebrates 37th annual Pi Day on March 14th with special daytime and evening programming 

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SAN FRANCISCO (March 4, 2024) — The Exploratorium’s homegrown holiday, Pi Day, celebrates its 37th rendition on Thursday, March 14, 2024 with a doubleheader honoring the mathematical constant and neverending number.

Daytime visitors can enjoy the Exploratorium’s popular pi-related activities, highlighted by the annual Pi Parade around the museum at 1:59 p.m. and featuring Mission Delirium, a local 12-piece brass and percussion band. Free pie slices will be served, and visitors of all ages are invited to explore demonstrations about what pi is – officially the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter – why we celebrate pi, and how it’s used in science and art today.

The celebration continues at After Dark: Math Curious, where adults (ages 18+) can connect with fellow numberphiles in a party atmosphere. Take a guided tour of our collection of hands-on math exhibits, experience Sonobo Cubes and Magic Demos with our staff, and learn the mathematically optimal way to slice a pie. After Dark members get a free slice, and pie will also be available to purchase for non-members.

Invented by the late Exploratorium physicist Larry Shaw in 1998, Pi Day has grown into an internationally-celebrated event for math lovers, artists, and educators of all ages. Shaw also created and installed the “Pi Shrine” in the front plaza, where the annual Pi Parade around the museum ends with all participants circumnavigating the shrine 3.14 times while singing “Happy Birthday” to Albert Einstein (and Stephen Curry)!

Visit our Guide to Celebrating Pi Day for more information on the history of Pi Day and fun pi-related activities you can do at home! 


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