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Phenomena(l) Ball

Phenomena(l) Ball
Phenomena(l) Ball

Save the date for the Exploratorium’s first annual Phenomena(l) Ball! Reimagined as a transporting evening of surprise and awe, our biggest fundraiser will amaze the senses and feed your mind with food, drink, fashion, art, and science. This spring’s Phenomena(l) Ball promises the joy and fun of wonder and learning while immersed in the stunning phenomena of our world. Stay for the after-party, Science of Cocktails, to enjoy music, dancing, craft cocktails, and locally sourced confections while surrounded by exhibits and installations on the museum floor.

Lightning, cell division, shadows, human emotions—remarkable natural and scientific phenomena are everywhere! At the Exploratorium, you see, touch, hear, and play with real phenomena in order to observe and understand the amazing world around you. We encourage visitors of all ages to see the world differently, marvel at hidden wonders, witness new ideas coming to life, and enjoy experiential learning at the magical intersection of science and art.

Please invest in the Exploratorium’s vibrant future and join us for a celebration of curiosity and learning! Together we can sustain the Exploratorium’s transformative educational programs and exhibits.

Save the Date

Thank you to our Phenomena(l) Ball supporter.

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