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Tinkering Staff Member: Anna Guardiola

Anna Guardiola

Tinkering Studio Program Manager

When I was a kid, I imagined myself living in every country I learned of, becoming an explorer of new worlds and ideas. This outward-looking curiosity led to a master’s degree in interpretation, covering five languages. Each language brought a new perspective, new concepts of our shared reality, and a new understanding of how we learn from each other and from our experiences. My international journey illuminated the marvels of research and education, leading me back to studies toward certification as a project manager at the University of California, Berkeley. After many years of experience planning, coordinating, and managing international large-scale projects for research organizations and the non-profit sector in Europe and the U.S., I am currently immersed in the fascinating tinkering culture, contributing as a Program Manager toward the development of new hands-on learning environments where the fun of making things happen.