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Welcome to the Learning Studio blog!

Welcome to the Learning Studio blog!

Learning Studio
A view inside the Learning Studio
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The Learning Studio is a workshop in the Exploratorium dedicated to experimentation with ideas, tools, technologies, and new concepts in science, art, and learning. The Studio provides a multidisciplinary laboratory for visiting artists and scholars, while also supporting field research in art and science, and presenting forums, conferences, and symposia.

With an emphasis on interdisciplinary inquiry and a hands-on approach to research, the Learning Studio helps imaginative thinkers turn their ideas into a variety of tools for creative investigation. These tools include artworks, performances, publications, exhibitions, environments, public programs, curricula, or innovative uses of new technologies.

This blog will hopefully serve as a window on current projects and ongoing development. Posts here will be our chance to present works-in-progress, share ideas that we're working on, and our day-to-day adventures.