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Behind the Scenes of Our New Banner

Behind the Scenes of Our New Banner
A person places objects and tools on a cardboard backdrop

When we're facilitating a workshop, we're able to communicate our team's values around learning in a hundred little ways: from how we welcome people into a workshop and the questions we ask to deepen their explorations to the materials we choose and how we set up the space. How do we do the same online, when we can't physically be there? 

Knowing that we can't convey everything we care about in every resource, when it came time to update our website banner, I wanted to use it as a chance to share our team's real attention to and care for the everyday materials and tools that make tinkering possible. Tinkering goes way beyond the stuff, but it's grounded in real, physical explorations with direct feedback. I tore a cardboard sheet, dug out some of my favorite tools and materials, and created the new banner on the floor of my apartment. You can check out our new web banner on the home page and below:

Tinkering Studio website home page


And here's the zoomed-out version of what was going on around the edges and behind the scenes! 

Tinkering tools on a cardboard sheet