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Exploring Heart-Shaped Wonders with OctoStudio

Exploring Heart-Shaped Wonders with OctoStudio

Take a moment to look around your space. Can you spot any heart-shaped objects? Perhaps in the leaves, rocks, vegetables (such as a pepper, pear, or strawberry), or even cookies around you. These everyday items can spark an exciting project in OctoStudio.

Step 1: Collecting Heart Shapes

Start by capturing a photo of any heart-shaped item you find. Once you've imported this photo into OctoStudio, use the lasso tool to neatly crop out the heart shape. This is as simple as tracing around the leaf or object with your finger. Or, you might prefer to find heart shapes using online image search. Feel free to use whichever way you find inspiring!

A person holds a phone and takes a photo of a plant
Selecting just the leaf in OctoStudio


Using the paint editor to select just a leaf in OctoStudio

Step 2: Let Your Imagination Run!

With your collection of heart shapes, think about what you could create. An animal, a whimsical fish, or maybe a creature born from your imagination? Add playful details like googly eyes to bring your creation to life.

heart shaped leaves

Step 3: Interactive Surprise

Here's the project I've been working on. Press the green button, and watch as the heart pieces move randomly. Can you guess what the final creation is? Tap the screen to reveal my design! Download the project code here 


Key OctoStudio Blocks for Your Project:

An OctoStudio project with the random dice block circled
[Go to Random Position]

Use this when you want the pieces to scatter randomly. The dice icon adds the element of surprise and randomness.

An OctoStudio project with the specific position block circled
[Go to Specific Position]

To move the pieces to designated spots, use this block. Simply adjust the X and Y coordinates by dragging across the coordinate screen.

(Notice how I've separated the triggers for the two types of movements in this project. For random motion, I use the green button. Conversely, when I want specific positioning, I use the 'On tap' button.)

Set the direction of a sprite in OctoStudio
[Set Direction of the Sprite]

This block is crucial for precise control. Set the direction of each sprite to align perfectly with your vision.


Here is another project but based on a similar idea. This time I'm using OctoStudio's heart sprites, modifying their color, size, and shape slightly. It's amazing how, with just the shape of a heart and by adding variations, you can create such an adorable bunny! Download the project code here


Inspiration Source: My Heart is Like a Zoo

These ideas are inspired by the picture book My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michale Hall. This delightful book, with its simple sentences and playful animals made by heart shapes, has been a wonderful source of inspiration for both analog and digital tinkering projects. If you're curious about imaginative ways to use heart shapes, this book might just spark your creativity too!

My Heart is Like a Zoo book next to paper hearts arranged like fish