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Getting Started with Stop Motion Studio

Getting Started with Stop Motion Studio

The free version of the Stop Motion Studio application will let you quickly take and combine multiple photos into an animation. Download the Stop Motion Studio app for iOS or Android to try it out! Below, we share some tips and tricks about how to get started.

Using Stop Motion Studio

1. Select New Movie

2. Select the camera icon

3. Take a photo

4. Set Transparency

Before you take the next photo, make sure that you slide down the dot on the slider bar on the left. This gives you an onion skin (a faint ghost of the previous image that you captured) to help you see how far you have moved the object between the previous photo.

5. Finish your animation

You can increase or decrease the speed of playback to achieve your desired effect. Once you are happy with the two photos (or more), click the arrow icon to exit the editor. 

6. Select your animation

Click "Select" first. Then, click the movie that you just worked on. 

7. Export your GIF

Click the export icon. Click "Animated GIF" in the pulldown menu. 

You can export your GIF animation to a Google drive, or AirDrop to your computer, or mail to yourself, or send to social media etc.. Once your file is on the computer, it will make it easy to share! Learn more about this simple technique and try creating your own animation with only two frames. We want to see what you come up with! Share your creations with us using the hashtags #StopMotion #TinkeringAtHome


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