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Tinkering at Home

Tinkering at Home

Tinkering’s active approach to learning about the world lends itself perfectly to be extended to the home environment, where there are many opportunities to practice and perfect the ability to think with your hands. This collection of activities consists of invitations and resources for tinkering in your own home. We are developing ways in which tinkering can be done with materials and tools that you already have in your house, or that can easily be sourced, as well as ways to complexify as you practice more. We want this to become a way to build community. Read below to find out how to participate.

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Try one of the activities below and share your creations on Twitter and tag them with #TinkeringAtHome and the activity-specific hashtag.

Check out the showcase on the Exploratorium's Explore page to see how people from around the world are tinkering in their own spaces. 


Let's Start Tinkering:

Here are some ideas for #TinkeringAtHome. Click on images below for more ideas, information, and tips to spark your explorations!