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OctoStudio + Patterns

OctoStudio + Patterns
OctoStudio + Patterns

Join us in playing with patterns! We're exploring different ways of making our own patterns and noticing patterns in the world by tinkering with code. The Tinkering Studio is a Key Collaborator with the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, creators of a free coding application for mobile devices called OctoStudio. The ideas on this page all use this application. Learn more and download OctoStudio ➜ 

We've collected more ideas for tinkering with creative coding on our OctoStudio Explorations page. We hope you'll try out some of these ideas and tinker along with us! 

An OctoStudio project with stamps
Program a pattern
Program a Pattern

Get started with programming moving patterns on the screen using simple geometric shapes or your own doodled creations!  


Moiré Patterns

Use OctoStudio to investigate how the movement of overlapping shapes and lines can create optical illusions. 

Animate a Shape

Use code to add movement to geometric shapes or your own designs drawn in the OctoStudio paint editor. 

Using a mirror on top of an iPad to play with reflections and code
Symmetry and Mirrors

Play with bilateral and rotational symmetry using code and mirrors. 

Instruments in a coding project
Sound and Rhythms

Use code to create patterns with sound and explore rhythm.   

Stamped patterns
Tiling Patterns

Create your own tiles and use code to slide, flip, and turn them to make patterns. 



Community Gallery

Have you been exploring OctoStudio + patterns? We love seeing how makers, learners, educators, and tinkerers of all ages try out these ideas and make them your own -- including works in progress, ideas for next steps, and failures. We invite you to show us what you're working on and see your work featured in this gallery: 

1. Click on the plus sign  in the bottom right hand corner of the gallery.

2. Upload a photo or video of your project. Include your name, where you're from, and anything else you'd like to share. 

3. We review content to make sure it's aligned before posting it, so check back soon to see your post in our gallery. Thanks for sharing! 


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