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Tinkering Tinkerer: Alice Wingwall

Alice Wingwall

“We are constantly changing our position, trying to get the best image for ourselves, over and under and behind and out loud. I often photograph my feet on the floor or on a path where a dog is lying. Let sleeping dogs lie. Hop to the other foot, move quietly or noisily around that dog, get better positions for a great shot. That is what subversion is about. Changing with our need to work in a different way, and then tell the world to have a look.”

When noted photographer and sculptor Alice Wingwall began losing her sight, she became determined to continue making visual art. Now almost completely blind, Wingwall remains a vital visual artist, making lyrical and poignant photo-based works and installations that often express her experience of being without sight. Alice's Website

Alice Wingwall earned an M.F.A. in sculpture from UC Berkeley and was a professor of sculpture and director of the studio arts program at Wellesley College. She has explored many different mediums, and she trained in stained-glass fabrication in Paris. She co-directed a film with Wendy Snyder MacNeil titled Miss BlindSight/The Wingwall Auditions, which won Best Independent Film at the 25th anniversary New England Film and Video Festival.