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Tinkering Tinkerer: Bárbara Yarza

Bárbara Yarza

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Bárbara is a Mexican designer and educator who loves discovering and making unexpected connections between different disciplines, people and stories, often involving joy, exploration and play. 

From designing learning material and facilitating workshops to designing social innovation programs and art installations - they all converge in her love for helping people to discover, explore and unleash their own creative potential, celebrate diversity and enjoy the creative process. 

During the summer of 2019, Bárbara spent three months with us in the Tinkering Studio. One of the projects she worked on the activity development of Digital Drawings with TurtleArt. She created an installation in one of the windows overlooking the Tinkering Studio, showcasing larger-than-life paper cutouts code-generated designs with RGB lights that add a dramatic effect.

replace this textRead more about Bárbara experience in the Tinkering Studio through her blog post where she discusses projects she worked on (like making wooden block lights for preschoolers as seen in this photo), facilitating tinkering experiences with visitors on the floor, and exploring light and shadow.

> Click to read Bárbara's blog post, "A Summer in the Tinkering Studio"