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Tinkering Tinkerer: Luisa Beck

Luisa Beck
Luisa likes to think about ways to make the unfamiliar familiar. How can stories bring a stranger or an abstract idea closer? How can various media and technologies help us learn, express ourselves creatively, or relate to different perspectives?

Luisa collaborates with media producers, museums, researchers and educators at local schools and organizations. She's a freelance contributor to KALW, 99% Invisible and Strangers. She's currently working on a storytelling app with UC Berkeley's CITRIS center. When she's not holding an audio recorder or writing code, Luisa designs and teaches storytelling and programming workshops at The Tech Liminal. In the Tinkering Studio, Luisa has been collecting audio and visual evidence of tinkering in action, as part of a storytelling project to reveal the thinking that goes into a tinkering activity.