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Tinkering Tinkerer: Stacy Speyer

Stacy Speyer

Stacy Speyer’s creative passions shift between a constant drive to make and a hunger for knowledge. Her artwork ranges from large scale installations of dyed and woven sewing thread to objects made to answer a mathematical question. Much of her current work focuses on making geometric shapes, called polyhedra, out of different materials such as metal, acrylic, reed, or paper.

Stacy's Website

As an Artist in Residence with the Exploratorium, she made a set of metal polyhedra for the Geometry Playground, a traveling exhibition giving a fresh view of geometry to different science museums across the USA. While documenting the beautiful sculptures, Stacy noticed how the fascinating images captured geometric properties of the forms. This led to her first book, Polyhedra: Eye Candy to Feed the Mind, in which she used both images and text to describe the mathematical connections between forms. Wanting to share the delight of making polyhedra with adults and children, she developed coloring books, called Cubes and Things. They are a collection of nets (2D designs that fold into 3D forms) with different snazzy patterns. Stacy has brought her geometric fun to the Tinkering Studio for a Polyhedra Party, where people can color and construct their own fabulous shapes. Now, Stacy is bringing her Polyhedra Parties into schools and developing other ways to use her artistic skills to communicate neat mathematical concepts.