Meet the Poppers: Exploratorium's 50th Members

Published:   December 19, 2018
Total Running Time:   00:00:59

Dr. Robert and Marcia Popper became the Exploratorium’s 50th members back in 1974. Who knew they’d be celebrating our 50th anniversary with us in 2018?

Dr. Popper is a retired cardiologist who first became acquainted with the museum while working at Presbyterian Hospital (formerly Stanford) as part of a team of physicians who conducted the first open-heart operation on the West Coast. The team donated components of the first heart/lung machine they used to the Exploratorium in hopes that an exhibit could be created to contribute to the public’s understanding of medical technology.  

Marcia Popper is a retired social worker who focused during her career on children in foster care and adoptive placements. Dedicated to providing a diverse array of experiences to her own children, she knew that the Exploratorium was a good place for them to experience art and science and challenge their perceptions.

The Poppers have not only maintained their membership for 45 years and have also become donors. They wanted to ensure that the Exploratorium would be there for their grandchildren—and it is.


Thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Popper!