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After Dark: See for Yourself

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After Dark: See for Yourself

The Exploratorium is your playground after dark! Wander the galleries, sip a cocktail, and choose your own adventure from over 600 interactive exhibits. Curious about how we make those exhibits? From Gallery 2, you can take a peek into our workshop, which is always open to public view. You’ll see woodworking tools, drills, lathes, and more—plus some of our exhibits in development. Don’t miss our summer exhibition, The Great Animal Orchestra, an immersive audiovisual experience and then learn how it was made in a special screening of A Life with the Great Animal Orchestra (2022, 37 min.)a documentary that follows Bernie Krause’s astonishing career and experiences recording nature sounds all over the globe.

Bernie Krause: A Life with The Great Animal Orchestra
7:30 and 8:30 p.m.
Kanbar Forum

With Bernie Krause
Directed by Vincent Tricon and produced by Fondation Cartier 

This documentary tells the story of Bernie Krause, a soundscape ecologist who for more than fifty years has traveled the world recording the sounds of animals in their natural habitats. Composed of unpublished archival footage and interviews filmed in California in 2021, A Life shows Krause as a brilliant figure who contemplates the natural world as a musician, a poet, and a recording legend. A Life with The Great Animal Orchestra is at once an ode and an elegy—a celebration of sonic splendor and a solemn plea for change. In English with French subtitles.