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Festival of Altars

Closeup of bright orange marigold flowers against a dark background
Festival of Altars
With the Marigold Project

Encounter six ofrendas (altars) inspired by the elements and rooted in the deep connection between all living things and ancestors. Established in 1991 by the Marigold Project, The Day of the Dead Festival of Altars was brought together by a group of immigrants and marginalized artists who found it imperative to continue practices and rituals embedded in Mexican cultures to honor ancestors. The collection of community altars each year serves as a centerpiece for gathering and celebration on the Day of the Dead in San Francisco’s Mission District.


The Altaristas

This year’s altaristas include Mara Lea Brown, Bryan Dominguez, Fiorella Lema, Sue Matthews, Arturo Mendez, Lila Maes-Shah, and Danielle Revives, with artifact displays by Revives and Marigold Project founder and director Rosa De Anda


The Marigold Project

The Marigold Project creates healing spaces connecting the Mexican and Chicano communities to their ancestors and the impermanence in One Spirit. By providing cultural education, art and writing therapy workshops, and altar building skills, the Project honors the circle of life and death and teaches the next generation about their place in the cosmos and humanity, as well as the importance of preserving the planet.


Hispanic Heritage Month

Use this map to find plaques throughout the museum honoring Latinx scientists, innovators, activists, and artists.


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