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Bernard and Barbro Osher Gallery 1: Human Phenomenon

Bernard and Barbro Osher
Gallery 1
Human Phenomenon
Experiment with thoughts, feelings, and social behavior.

Humans think, feel, and interact, and these phenomena are all open to scientific investigation and creative exploration. Here, you and others are the exhibits—so play with social interactions, observe others, and contribute your reflections.

The experiences in the Osher Gallery focus on cognition, emotion, social behavior, and the interplay between science, society, art, and culture.

We all perceive the world, remember the past, look forward to the future, and communicate with each other—and both scientists and artists investigate how and why we do so. In this gallery, you can explore how your mind works and learn about the scientific study of human behavior through exhibits on emotion, language, memory, and pattern recognition. 

The space is also home to Science of Sharing, a project funded by the National Science Foundation to develop exhibits that let you experiment with cooperation, competition, and strategies for sharing resources. Here, you're the exhibit; the mechanisms presented here are just tools through which you can play with and reflect on your experiences.

The gallery is also a venue for dynamic temporary exhibitions; the first was The Changing Face of What Is Normal, a collection of artifacts and experiences exploring the evolving nature of normality and the lives of those affected by mental illness. In addition, the Black Box offers a state-of-the-art immersive environment for large, media-based exhibitions by visiting artists. The gallery also features works by past and present Exploratorium artists-in-residence.

Pamela Winfrey, Curator
Hugh McDonald, Associate Curator