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Kiewit Luminarium

Kiewit Luminarium
Kiewit Luminarium

A place for discovery

Kiewit Luminarium is a primary destination along the Missouri Riverfront at Lewis & Clark Landing and a place to explore astonishing phenomena and learn with your hands. The Exploratorium partnered with Heritage Services and architecture firm HDR to shape the vision, design, exhibits, and programs. Kiewit aims to inspire lifelong interest and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Four main galleries are linked by two large-scale, iconic architectural features—a multistory tower and an immersive geometry climber. Designed to foster hands-on engagement, the exhibits allow visitors of all ages and backgrounds to learn and explore at their own pace, independently and with fellow visitors. 

Kiewit Luminarium opened in 2023.

Kiewit Luminarium | Omaha, Nebraska | Overview


  • We worked closely with local community leaders to build a place and culture where people of diverse backgrounds can learn together and from one another. 
  • We developed a vibrant learning ecosystem. 
  • We collaboratively produced interactive exhibits that showcase physics, biology, environmental science, engineering, math, and the social sciences.