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Promoting the connection between artistic, scientific, and technological processes

The Exploratorium worked with SESI to create a dynamic learning space through an interdisciplinary, creative educational approach. SESI Lab aims to be an agent of innovation and social transformation that reinvents how people access and produce knowledge, and to inspire a sense of agency in shaping possible futures. 

A division of the National Confederation of Industry, SESI is a national NGO dedicated to the education, health, and well-being of industrial workers and their families. SESI has a network of 1,300+ schools for youth and continuing education, as well as libraries, theaters, health services, publishing, cultural spaces, and more. 

SESI Lab opened in 2022.

SESI Lab | Brasília, Brazil | Overview


  • In partnership with SESI, we created SESI Lab, a new learning center located in the nation's capital. 
  • We integrated our complementary approaches to teaching and learning. 
  • We produced a learning space that promotes the connection between art, science, and technology. 

“From the beginning, we [Exploratorium and SESI Lab] built this relationship of respect, trust, and indeed a collaboration in which both sides were very willing to listen and build together.”

–Agnes Christie Milleris, SESI Lab, Brasília, Brazil