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Skateboard Science Parklet in South Africa

Skateboard Science Parklet in South Africa

I’ve been a long-time fan of an organization called Skateistan, an award winning NGO focused on empowering and educating youth through skateboarding. Skateistan is building a new facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, and asked me to collaborate on a mobile skateboard science parklet similar to a parklet at the Exploratorium. They had an existing relationship with Sci-Bono, the largest science center in South Africa, and I was due for a sabbatical, so our three organizations began planning to build the parklet together.  The following images describe the final stages of building and opening the parklet in Johannesburg.

Geography lesson before skating

Skateistan Geography lesson before skating

After class, students make a mad-dash for pads and skateboards

Skateistan student skating the half pipe

Skateistan student learning to ride the mini-ramp

Training the Sci-Bono and Skateistan educators on the Skatebaord Science exhibits

Sci-Bono shop staff helped make the Skateboard Science Parklet

Driving the Parklet to the Sci-Bono lobby

Opening the Skateboard Science Parklet

Using the Wheel Hardness Xylophone

Skateistan teaching young skaters in the Sci-Bono lobby

Skateistan South Africa staff

"Siyabonga" means "Thank You" in Zulu.