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Facilitators Guides

Facilitators Guides

These guides contain the information needed to present professional development sessions to teachers. They include materials lists, step-by-step directions, scripts and prompts and facilitation hints, along with necessary charts and handouts.

Fundamentals of Inquiry

Workshops designed to introduce teachers to inquiry

Using hands-on experiences and focused reflection, Institute for Inquiry® workshops give teachers a thorough grounding in the pedagogy and practice of science inquiry. Participants examine different ways of teaching hands-on science, explore the process skills of inquiry, engage in a full scientific inquiry, and consider ways to include inquiry in their own classrooms.


Elements of Inquiry

Assessing for Learning

Workshops designed to introduce teachers to formative assessment

Based on the work of noted British educator Wynne Harlen, these workshops introduce the Formative Assessment Cycle, a process by which teachers gather evidence of students’ thinking and use this evidence to decide next steps for teaching. These workshops are designed to be used sequentially, building on one another so participants develop a comprehensive view of formative assessment in the classroom.