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Community Construction with Pinholes

Community Construction with Pinholes

Community Construction with Pinholes

In this workshop, teachers build community while creating a tool to experience a unique phenomenon together. Watch the impact that constructing their own learning tools makes on individual participants, as well as on the collective group—and notice the trust that grows through these interactions.

15 min

Dig into the Science

Check out the activity in this video and learn more about images. Put your head in a box and get an inside look at how a lensless camera works. Try the Personal Pinhole Theater Science Snack.

We've highlighted several moments of pedagogical interest in this video. 

  • Using simple materials makes science more approachable and accessible (1:13)
  • Collaboration builds community—even among learners working on individual projects (3:12)
  • Construction projects involve patience, planning, and investments in time (3:53)
  • Immersive learning experiences can help teachers better anticipate student needs when translating activities to the classroom (4:37)
  • A quick start engages learners; follow-up instructions can then move the process forward (5:05)
  • A unique, shared experience creates a trusting learning environment (7:29)
  • Constructing your own tools increases engagement and ownership in a learning experience (8:05)
  • Shared observations can be used as foundations for conceptual understanding (9:19)
  • Models can help explain intangible or invisible phenomena (12:38)