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Facilitation with Colored Shadows

Facilitation with Colored Shadows

Facilitation with Colored Shadows

In this workshop, teachers observe an unfamiliar phenomenon—brightly colored shadows—and use evidence to work out how those shadows are being created. Watch how the facilitator carefully draws out the participants’ ideas and explanations, exposing each learner’s thinking, and building on concepts to solve the mystery.

22 min

Dig into the Science

Check out the activity in this video and learn more about light and color. Use colored lights to make additive color mixtures and explore human color perception. Try the Colored Shadows Science Snack.

We've highlighted several moments of pedagogical interest in this video.

  • Investigation begins with observation (0:39)
  • Defining common language use removes vocabulary as an obstacle to learning (2:40)
  • Reflecting on facilitation after a lesson allows participants to consider their own pedagogy (3:31)
  • Offering varied opportunities for learners to develop thinking can bring new voices to a discussion (5:11)
  • Learner questions engage the entire group and provide formative assessment (6:12)
  • Learner-directed curiosity drives inquiry investigation (8:10)
  • Validating a diversity of views encourages flexible thinking (11:40)
  • Conclusions are derived from and validated by evidence (15:09)
  • Connecting observations with everyday experiences can solidify understanding (20:35)