After Dark: Extraterrestrials

Thursday, October 7, 2021 • 6:00 p.m. PT

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Adults Only (18+)

Note: Free for members and donors—only a membership card and ID required for entry. The Tactile Dome is currently closed.

The truth is out there! Observation, science, and a healthy dose of skepticism can show it to us. In June of 2021, the Pentagon released a report confirming that there have been objects of unknown origins observed flying above the Earth. While there is no evidence to support alien technology, there are still plenty of fascinating objects in our atmosphere and beyond to be discovered and explored. Launch into the unknown, with your eyes on the skies, as we learn about some of the fantastic and curious objects in outer space.

Food and drinks will be available to purchase in our Seaglass Restaurant and at the outdoor bar in Gallery 5 to enjoy in those designated spaces during After Dark. Please note that there is no drinking or eating allowed elsewhere in the museum at this time.

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