After Dark Online: Bees

Thursday, April 8, 2021 • 7:00 p.m. PT

Adults Only (18+)

Free online event: Join below or via YouTube or Facebook

The buzz is true: This After Dark Online will be the bees’ knees! They may be small, but the impact of bees is mighty, and the work of these flying insects plays key roles in sustaining ecosystems as well as human life. At this After Dark, dive into the rich tradition of beekeeping—and its output—as well as the fascinating biology of bees. Then learn more about which species of bees are at risk and why.

This program features:

What kind of bee species can we expect to encounter in the Bay Area—and how are their populations changing? Hear from Dr. Gretchen LeBuhn about her work studying the effects of human-induced landscape changes on pollinators. And learn about the Great Sunflower Project, a citizen science project that aims to gather data about pollinators and encourages people to plant pollinator-friendly gardens.

In East Detroit, Tim Paule and Nicole Lindsey have worked to transform vacant housing lots into urban bee farms through their non-profit Detroit Hives. Tonight, we’ll share the short film Detroit Hives (directed by Palmer Morse and Rachel Weinberg) and learn more from Paule and Lindsey about their work to expand education around beekeeping and transform their community.

Join Cameron Redford, founder of Nevada City, California-based Black Hives Matter as he shares his work to decolonize beekeeping, provide beekeeping education, and support local farms.

What do bees have to do with ice cream? Find out with KQED’s Deep Look, a short video series that explores big scientific mysteries by going incredibly small. Tonight, hear from Deep Look’s coordinating producer, Gabriela Quirós, and check out an episode that gets up close to alfalfa leafcutting bees.

Throughout the program, take a close-up look at a variety of bee genera as we share photoshows drawing from the expansive photo archive of the USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program.

After Dark Online: Bees is made possible with the generous support of Ghirardelli Square and Levi's Plaza. These properties maintain beehives on site to support a thriving ecosystem.