After Dark Online: OK With Decay—Dust to Dust

Thursday, October 8, 2020 • 7:00 p.m. PDT

Adults Only (18+)

Free online event: Join below or via YouTube or Facebook

Dig into deep time and glimpse geologic processes that form our planet and its habitable conditions. From the Big Bang onward, elements and atoms have been colliding, combining, transforming, and deteriorating, resulting in our current snapshot of the universe. In this program, explore evidence that reveals the story of this formation and clues to its inevitable disintegration.

This month’s After Dark Online is a get-together to fall apart. As autumn sets in, trees become bare, and the northern hemisphere begins to chill, we’re exploring processes of decay, entropy, and how things come apart, making way for revisions and new arrangements.

This event features:

Earth Time with Dr. Marcia Bjornerud
Learn about the formation of our planet and what it means to live in geologic time. 

Decay, with Odd Salon
In October, we're pleased to partner with Odd Salon for stories of entropy told through the annals of science, history, art, and adventure. Hosted by Kate O'Donnell, this week's program features:

Frances Bascom: America's First Lady Rockstar with Amy Widdowson
How hard work, determination, grit, and familial support helped one woman overcome fin de siècle gender barriers and re-write geologic time.

The Anthropocene: Does Arrogance Outlast Decay? with Kit Rackley
Humans have been a ‘force of nature’ for only a few thousand years, depending on who you listen to. So it is arrogant to suggest a whole new geological epoch based on our actions? What human artifacts will be left after millions of years of decay? 

Resonance with Jorge Boehringer
Jorge Boehringer is a sound artist, noise fanatic, amp worshiper, music composer (for installations and ensembles or soloists with or without electronics [and/or computers] and/or for self as solo performer (viola, guitar, objects, percussion, voice, electronics, synthesizers).

More to Explore:

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Notes on the Resonance: Elegy for the Sherbet Fleet
By Jorge Boehringer

For a long while now my work has focused on vague, ambiguous territory, trying to capture forms in their processes of coming into being or crossing over into perceptibility.

I recently decided to try to focus this effort on single subjects and on processes that trace out their own existence in the world rather than mimic other phenomena or represent anything other than themselves. A great deal of the material I work with is collected from my everyday life. In collecting and re-presenting this, narratives weave themselves. There is a tension therefore between the narratives presented in my material and the raw presence I seek to set in process. Elegy for the Sherbet Fleet, a new piece of cinematic sound art, is to be viewed as a scene through a weather-beaten wooden window frame, as might be found along some abandoned seafront. Through this frame of nostalgia, perhaps something essential traces out its own existence, tells its story, and then disappears. Meanwhile, the wind sings a song through bones, within a circle of ancient timbers buried near Gore Point along the Norfolk Coast, UK.  Something essential is there, out of time, but in reaching towards it, narratives stir themselves up like a salmon stirs up mud in a riverbed.