After Dark Online: Sustenance—Home Movies

Thursday, November 5, 2020 • 7:00 p.m. PST

Adults Only (18+)

Free online event: Join via YouTube or Facebook

Indulge in a bit of joyful voyeurism as we screen and celebrate home movies. Created to capture the moments that become the almanac of a life lived, home movies have the power to link the past to the present and cultivate empathy for real people.  While each home movie is unique, the personal experiences on view often capture moments that are familiar and widely recognizable. Also? They can be a lot of fun. This glimpse into the lives of strangers pairs screenings of exceptional home movies with stories and ideas from those who collect, archive, and study home movies. Be sure to print out your home movie bingo card!

Inspired by the autumnal harvest, this month’s After Dark Online explores the qualities, practices, and materials that connect us as a culture and provide nourishment and resilience in times of scarcity. What do you want to take forward? What can you leave behind?