After Dark Online: Outdoor Insights

Thursday, August 6, 2020 • 7:00 p.m. PDT

Adults Only (18+)

Free online event: Join us below or via YouTube or Facebook

Hungry for green spaces? The extended retreat indoors that is 2020 has offered many of us a friendly reminder: natural environments are essential to our well-being as humans. Tonight, we’ll share stories and observations from the great outdoors and look at the ecology of the California coastline.

This program features: 

Drink Lab with Clay Reynolds
Mix it up with a specialty drink perfect for your next outdoor adventure—Exploratorium beverage director and Seaglass Restaurant co-proprietor Clay Reynolds shows you how.

Outdoor Afro with Rue Mapp
Learn about equitably reconnecting with the natural world through outdoor recreation. Take a hike with National Geographic Fellow and Outdoor Afro founder and CEO Rue Mapp. 

Super Cali Fragile Ecosystems with Alex Pinigis
Experience tentative growth: survey some of the rare endemic plants of Northern California with Exploratorium biologist Alex Pinigis.

In the Land of My Ancestors with Rucha Chitnis and Kanyon Sayers-Roods
Watch a short documentary celebrating the living legacy of Ann Marie Sayers, a beloved Ohlone elder who used the Indian Allotment Act of 1887 to reclaim her traditional land in Indian Canyon.



More to Explore

Looking for more? Here are resources to take deeper dive into content from tonight’s program and beyond.

The Language of Nature
Step into the world of wildlife tracker Doniga Markegard, who relies on her carefully honed listening skills to tune into nature’s subtle clues.

Take It Outside
Sometimes kids don’t have much experience with nature. Exploratorium Teacher Institute teacher-coach Kim Marie Hansen recounts how she got her inner-city students outside and observing the world by using nature journals.

Nature and Culture: A Conversation with Jane Wolff
Jane Wolff talks about what inspires her to explore what most people ignore, the strange beauty of decay, and her work with the Invisible Dynamics project at the Exploratorium.

A Close Look at Clouds
Learn about cloud physics with Exploratorium Senior Scientist Paul Doherty. Find out about the basic makeup of clouds and some of the properties that make them a rich part of our daily lives.

Recipe: Spiced Mulled Wine
Make a camp-ready mulled wine for sipping by the fire!
Serves 2

4 oz. brandy
2 cinnamon sticks
3 cloves 
2 star anise pods
2 whole oranges 
500ml can hearty red wine

Pressurized ISI canister or sealable container 

Place brandy and spices in ISI canister and pressurize with two NO2 cartridges. Let infuse for 30 seconds, then strain out spices. To omit the ISI canister, place in a sealable container and infuse for 48 hours.

Inject spiced brandy into the whole oranges and freeze. Remove oranges from your cooler once you’re fireside and let thaw while heating up red wine (approx 12 oz., or ¾ of the can). When the red wine is warm, cut the thawed oranges in half and squeeze the brandied juice into the wine.