After Dark Online: Transitional Landscapes

Part of the Conversations About Landscape series Land, People, Place

Thursday, May 27, 2021 • 7:00 p.m. PT

Adults Only (18+)

Free online event: Join below or via YouTube or Facebook

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As the Bay Area prepares for climate change and the impacts of sea level rise, the development planned for Treasure Island—incorporating innovative strategies for urban agriculture, sustainability, sea level rise, and environmental stewardship—is one forward-looking project.

Join us in exploring the participation of artists in developing climate adaptation solutions. We'll present the objectives of the Treasure Island Art Program, give a view of the landscape architecture plan for Treasure Island, and introduce a series of conversations about the role artists who work with long-term ecologies could play in considering landscapes in transition and climate adaptation.  These discussions help lay the groundwork for future potential commissions for environmental art projects through the Treasure Island Art Program.

This program is presented in collaboration with the Treasure Island Development Authority, The San Francisco Art Commission, and the Exploratorium.

Speakers include:

Fei Tsen is the president of the Board of Directors of the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) and the CEO of Windflower Properties. As a civic leader and private entrepreneur, she has guided projects that have transformed industrial and waterfront land for recreational, affordable housing and community use. 

Jill Manton is the director of the Public Art Trust and special initiatives at the San Francisco Arts Commission. She procured approval from the Treasure Island Development Authority to repurpose funds from the Treasure Island development project to establish the Treasure Island Art Program.

Kevin Conger is a founding partner of CMG Landscape Architecture, whose mission is to increase social and ecological wellbeing through artful design. Kevin has been leading the open space planning on Treasure Island for the last 17 years.

Jessica Fain is the planning director for the Bay Conservation Development Commission. She provides guidance to the Adapting to Rising Tides program, updates to the San Francisco Bay Plan, and currently coordinates the Bay Adapt planning process.

Lauren Bon is an environmental artist from Los Angeles. Her practice, Metabolic Studio, explores self-sustaining and self-diversifying systems of exchange that feed emergent properties that regenerate the life web. Her studio’s current work, Bending the River Back into the City, aims to deliver 106 acre-feet of water annually from the LA River to the historic core of downtown LA.

Buster Simpson is a visual artist and sculptor who employs multiple metaphors of meaning —creating ecological works both for the present and the dynamic future. Simpson works with a site’s contextual resources and engages social actions and sustainable opportunities. He often works in the public realm, establishing conceptual armatures considering place, process, and infrastructure