Conversations About Resilience: California’s Hidden Water Issues

Monday, March 12, 2018 • 6:00–8:30 p.m.

Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery

Free, RSVP required. Email, or call 415.528.4444 and choose option 5.

We talk about water a lot in California. With recurring droughts and floods, and vast, politically contentious networks of dams and canals, water is regularly in the news. Yet there are several important water issues that are often left out of our discussions.

  • Huge underground reservoirs of groundwater play a key role in our water supply, but are often exploited or polluted without our awareness. Groundwater resources are also important in shoreline planning as they are threatened by rising sea levels.
  • Many Californians take clean water for granted, yet a surprising number of people struggle for sustainable access to clean water for drinking or other needs.
  • We all make decisions about water, how much to use and when to conserve. But do we really understand what affects people’s relationship with water?

Join us to explore these and other key issues about water in California that don’t get the attention they deserve.  

About the Speakers:

Kristina Hill studies urban ecology and hydrology in relationship to physical design and social justice issues, and is an associate professor of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at UC Berkeley. Her primary focus is urban adaptation to climate change in coastal areas.

Nahal Ghoghaie manages the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water's Bay Area Program and the Bay Area's Disadvantaged Community Involvement Program. She specializes in watershed coordination, shaping policy, and community water, climate, and disaster preparedness planning.

Renee Lertzman is a climate, energy, and environmental psychologist who has pioneered the bridging of psychological research and sustainability, creating a powerful approach to engagement and social change.

This event is part of a collaborative Conversations About Resilience series co-sponsored by the Exploratorium’s Fisher Bay Observatory Gallery and the Resilient by Design: Bay Area Challenge. Resilient by Design is a collaborative research and design project that brings together local residents; public officials; and local, national, and international experts to develop innovative solutions to the issues brought on by the climate change we face today. 

Image: Kristina Hill 

Resilient by Design