COVID Conversations: Where We Are with Testing and a Vaccine

With Dr. Margaret Hamburg

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 • 4:00 PDT

Ages 12+

Online Event: Watch the livestream here or on YouTube and Facebook.

Join Exploratorium Senior Scientist Jennifer Frazier in conversation with Dr. Margaret Hamburg, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. This COVID Conversation will focus on the latest developments in testing and vaccine development. Explore why testing is so important to helping us end restrictions so we can get back to "normal," and whether vaccine development can really be accelerated. Send your questions for this week’s expert by posting them here.

Margaret Hamburg, MD is an internationally recognized authority in medicine and public health and currently serves as Foreign Secretary, National Academy of Medicine. As the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, she was known for advancing regulatory science, medical product innovation and globalization of the agency, while also overseeing the implementation of groundbreaking laws to curb tobacco use and enhance food safety. Dr. Hamburg also served as New York City Health Commissioner, where she undertook major initiatives to address HIV/AIDS, curtail the resurgence and spread of tuberculosis, and launched the nation's first public health bioterrorism preparedness program.



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