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Cultural Riches

Still image from the animated short film Keradó shows people in a corn field.
Cultural Riches

Culture is sustained by the stories we tell and the knowledge we share. In this Cinema Arts program, one buzzing documentary and one colorful animation give insight into the rich traditions carried on through Indigenous populations in the Maya region of Mesoamerica and in Columbia. Curated by Cine+Mas SF, presenters of the Latino Film Festival. 

The Guardians (Los Guardianes) by Jharia Morris (2023, 6 min.)
Two brothers in Mexico work to conserve the ancient Maya practice of raising stingless bees.

Keradó by Andrés Rafael Castillo and Diego Alejandro Castillo (2022, 15 min.)
A young Embera Katío girl accidentally discovers a sacred cave, leading to a new hope for her people.

Still image from Kerado