Entangled Attraction

By Sally Weber and Craig Newswanger
Soundscape by Jonathan Crawford

Wednesday, February 15–Sunday, April 2, 2023

Osher Gallery 1, Black Box

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In the darkened gallery space, visitors gaze up at an array of spiraling lights.

When viewed from a distance, each pinpoint of light seems to be in orbit around another, evocative of galaxies rotating and twisting as they sweep through space. But when viewed from below, the lights fill our field of vision and transform into unpredictable 3-D patterns dancing overhead.

Our eyes see the light from each LED as a spiraling pattern because our visual system “remembers” the light’s image for up to a tenth of a second. This surprising effect is called persistence of vision. You may also see traces of color around each orbit.

A score by Jonathan Crawford accompanies Entangled Attraction.  

Sally Weber (Resonance Studio) is a light artist based in Oakland, California. She uses light illusions, optical and digital holography, video, and dimensional photography to reveal the immediacy of the essential natural forces underlying life and the patterns that interconnect them. She has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally.

Craig Newswanger (Resonance Studio) is an optical engineering innovator, inventor, and expert in optical holography and 3-D imaging technologies. He also has a background in film and video as well as special effects. Craig has designed and produced projects in lighting, sound, imaging, digital interfaces, electronics, woodworking, and photography. He is based in Oakland, California.

Resonance Studio is a member of the Immersive Arts Alliance in Berkeley, California.

Jonathan Crawford is a musician, composer, sound designer, record producer, and DJ based in San Francisco, California. His goal is to create music that explores exciting new territory from both a timbral and compositional point of view.

Photo: Courtesy of Sally Weber and Craig Newswanger