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ExtraOrdinary Cinema

A group of people sitting in front of a video screen.
ExtraOrdinary Cinema

This summer, our galleries are filled with incredible art made from life’s ordinary stuff: string, shoes, lightbulbs, LEGO, and more. Take a break on the comfy seats in Gallery 3’s Wattis Studio for an ExtraOrdinary! playlist of short films at the crossroads of art and science. In these 10 animated shorts by artists and independent filmmakers, ordinary things—candy wrappers, old film strips, simple desk accessories—come to life in surprising, funny, and meditative ways. 

Western Spaghetti by PES (2008, 2 min.)     
A brilliant stop-motion animation of a surprising cooking demonstration, using common objects in inventive ways.
Film to Break Projectors by Tim Grabham (2017, 5 min.)
Reusing old film strips, this movie glues, scrapes, and splices 35mm, 16mm, standard, and Super 8 film to create abstract and unprojectable celluloid collages.

100 Days of Candy Wrapper Art by Joyce Cheng (2021, 1 min.)
This delightful stop-motion animation captures candy wrappers interacting with one another.

Unsubscribe #1: Special Offer Inside by Jodie Mack (2010, 4 min.)
A flurry of security envelopes casts spells on the screen in this film inspired by the unique printed patterns inside.

Down to Earth by Anna Vassof (2014, 4 min.)
The artist’s shoes double as creative inventions in a series of humorous experiments. 

Dot by Sumo Science (2010, 2 min.)
In this suspenseful adventure story, the protagonist’s world is created anew through human and technological creativity.

Woodswimmer by Brett Foxwell (2017, 2 min.)
An innovative technique moves the camera through chunks of hardwood, burls, and branches. The result is beautiful imagery of twisting growth rings and swirling rays. 

Dog by Meghana Bisineer (2009, 1 min.)
Using ink, a phone book, and a fan the artist animates a dog diving into water, swimming, fetching, and swimming back to the surface to dive back in again. Inspired by the monsoon and hot summer months spent in residency in Khoj, New Delhi.

Tape Generations by Johan Rijpma (2011, 3 min.)
The behaviors of a common desk accessory become visible through the force of gravity.

Traveling Light by Jane Aaron (1985, 2 min.)            
Through keen observation, the filmmaker captures the play of light as it seemingly crawls and dances through her house over the course of one day.