Storytime Science for Kids: The Halloween Episode

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 • 1:00 p.m. PDT

Online Event: Join below or via Facebook or YouTube.

Join us for Storytime Science—a storybook read-aloud followed by a simple related activity geared toward very young children. This episode is about Halloween, but it's also about sounds—all of them fun, and one a little eerie! Join in as the Exploratorium's own Vivian Altmann reads Skulls! by Blair Thornburgh, illustrated by Scott Campbell.

Then we'll try three slightly spine-tingling activities together:

For Head Harp, you'll need some thick string or twine, your head, and an assistant (a grown-up will do).

For The Creaking Door, you'll need a thin plastic or paper cup, some string, a paper clip, a ball-point pen, and a small cup of water.

For The Haunted Rice, you'll need some raw rice, water, a wine glass with a stem, and a grown-up assistant.