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Global Collaborations Approach

For decades, the Exploratorium has provided inquiry-driven, phenomena-based exhibits to museums and institutions around the world. In 2012, the Exploratorium launched Global Collaborations with a new vision and purpose, expanding to engage partners in planning, design, and program and staff development, as well as exhibit development and fabrication. We believe that the seeds of a vibrant science or cultural center grow from a rich compost of physical exhibits and temporal programs, skilled staff and an engaged community, clear goals, and the willingness to experiment and tinker. 

Global Collaborations partnerships are an exchange of expertise, philosophy, and culture. The resulting projects give our partners the chance to leverage our expertise in developing plans, programs, exhibits, and staff, while extending our own research and learning. Through this work, we foster deep connections with colleagues and organizations around the world.

Why we do what we do

The Exploratorium seeks to make the world a better place by encouraging people to ask questions, question answers, and understand the world around them. Global Collaborations is committed to advancing this vision with our colleagues and partners worldwide. Our pedagogy involves giving individuals access to scientific phenomena, evidence, and data, and letting them figure it out. Our exhibits, programs, and experiences are designed to provide aha moments that illuminate through direct interaction and play.

How we work

By drawing on the Exploratorium’s broad expertise, Global Collaborations is able to provide a comprehensive set of creative services—from master planning to program development to exhibit fabrication and installation. We like to be as far upstream in our clients’ creative process as possible, exploring the rich questions that lead to truly authentic, innovative problem solving.

Initially, we work with partners to identify stakeholders, foster professional development, and engage the communities that are relevant to them. We kick off each project with listening and discovery, learning as much as possible about our partners and their goals, needs, and communities. We can also help organizations and stakeholders get “unstuck” and move forward in identifying what they want to accomplish together.

After working together to articulate clear goals, and depending on the specifics of each project, we embark on collaborative brainstorming, prototyping, and testing; facilitate workshops for professional development and stakeholder engagement; and often develop planning documents and other roadmaps for long-term success. We typically work on-site with our partners to gain an understanding of local conditions, culture, and capacity. We also host workshops and residencies at the Exploratorium, taking full advantage of our vibrant museum floor, visible-to-the-public exhibit shop facilities, dynamic staff, and the creativity and innovation of the extended San Francisco Bay Area community.

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