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After Dark: Art x Climate @ the Exploratorium

Squares of colorful cloths quilted together, meant to represent the air quality of San Francisco. The colors range from orange, red, blue, yellow, to green
After Dark: Art x Climate @ the Exploratorium

How would you depict the impacts of climate change? Join the Exploratorium for a conversation with artists, scientists, educators, and poets on responding to and capturing the effects of climate change around the country. Find inspiration with artists who were part of the Art x Climate Project at the US Global Change Research Program. Be in community with leaders of the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5) and scientists who have been studying the effects of climate change on Earth—inside and out. You won’t think about climate change—or art—the same way again.

Artwork: San Francisco Air Quality Index Quilt—Fall 2020 by Lorraine Woodruff-Long 

Food and drinks will be available for purchase at our Seaglass Restaurant and additional bar locations.