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After Dark: The Future Is Retro

Film still showing a child's reflection in an astronaut's helmet.
After Dark: The Future Is Retro

Moving toward the future doesn’t mean we need to leave the past behind. Yesterday’s technologies, culture, and relationships are today’s foundations and can be tomorrow’s assets. But what do we want to carry forward? Tonight, we centerpiece filmmaker H.P. Mendoza’s Attack, Decay, Release, a retro, sci-fi, electrified musical. Mendoza’s film serves as a queer-lensed time capsule, centering joy and movement in an ecstatic trip to the future. Experience how an openness to learning and to reconciling past mistakes allow us to harness nostalgia and lessons from history to create a brighter tomorrow. 

Image: Still from Attack, Decay, Release

Attack, Decay, Release
7:30 p.m.
Kanbar Forum

By H. P. Mendoza

Attack, Decay, Release (2021, 74 min.) is a sci-fi musical piece featuring original animation, live action shot by H. P. Mendoza, historical footage from the Prelinger Archives—and 20 popping electronic dance songs by Mendoza himself. The story chronicles the migration of humans to the moon after Earth is decimated by a deadly virus. Mendoza’s vision spans several ages, from the advent of agriculture to the creation of the Arks, ships that will carry humans safely to their new home. The film was commissioned by The Svane Family Foundation for Ark, a collection of 100 art pieces created during the pandemic on the theme of Noah’s Ark. Immerse yourself in the experience by walking around in front of the stage, conversing as the movie evolves, and dancing when the music moves you.

Co-presented by the SFFILM Festival and Frameline.

H.P. Mendoza is a Filipino American filmmaker and artist best known for his work as screenwriter, composer, and lyricist on Colma: The Musical (2007) now streaming on The Criterion Channel, as well as his art-house horror film, I Am a Ghost (2014). Along with his feature films, Mendoza is known for his installations, music composed for films, and albums, notably Nomad, re-released for its 10th anniversary in 2016. 

DJ Dance Party
6:30–9:30 p.m.
Bechtel Gallery 3

With DJ A-L

Get ready to dance your way through the night as DJ A-L sets the vibe and keeps the party moving!
Aaron "DJ A-L" Ladley is a world-renowned multi-genre DJ and producer with over two decades of experience on the turntables and in the studio. He has shared the stage with musical legends and produced multiple iconic artists, as well as dropping knowledge on the youth as a hip-hop educator. DJ A-L is highly respected throughout the music industry and amongst his peers within the culture. 

Food and drinks will be available for purchase at our Seaglass Restaurant and additional bar locations.

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