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Infinitely Yours

Still image from a multimedia performance that includes a silhouetted figure and the sea floor.
Infinitely Yours
With Miwa Matreyek

Immerse yourself in an emotional, dream-like meditation on climate catastrophe and the Anthropocene, the period of time, which constitutes a distinct geological age, when human activities have had a significant environmental impact on Earth.

In Infinitely Yours Miwa Matreyek shape-shifts to express the impact humans have on the environment from various perspectives. From traversing landscapes overflowing with trash to joining a school of fish caught in a trawling net, Miwa’s performance invites you to experience an emotionally impactful illustration of familiar headlines. She also asks you to reflect on what it might mean for all of us—humans, other life, and the Earth itself—to be living in this changing world.

Miwa Matreyek is an animator, director, designer, and performer based in Vancouver who has a background in animation by way of collage. She creates live performances where she interacts with her animations as a shadow silhouette. Her productions are cinematic and theatrical, fantastical and tangible, illusionistic and physical.

Photo by Keida Mascaro courtesy of Miwa Matreyek